Neighbourhood Plan

What the Government says:

Have you got ideas about how your neighbourhood should develop?

Neighbourhood planning enables local communities to shape the future of the places where they live and work. Neighbourhood plans have exactly the same legal status as those developed by councils. Residents are directly able to:
decide where new homes, shops and offices will go.
decide what new buildings look like
decide what facilities, services and infrastructure is needed
grant planning permission for new buildings through a Neighbourhood Development Order.

Communities which have neighbourhood plans can also receive part of a new levy on development in their area, which can be invested in local infrastructure facilities. Funding and practical support is available to help you and your neighbours get started.
What is happening In Winterslow?

A Steering Group of volunteers was set up in February 2014 to start the journey to a Winterslow Neighbourhood Plan.

In January 2016 the SG completed the most important stages on that journey, which are:

Collecting evidence from our community on what you want to see in your Neighbourhood Plan.
Delivering several leaflets to all households and carrying out several detailed questionnaires
Presenting our analysis and proposals at community exhibitions
Modifying such proposals in the light of feedback from such consultations

Spring Update

Following 2 years of hard work the Steering Group are currently producing the first full draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. Following the community consultation carried out over those two years, which has include three major surveys and two Road Show held at the Village Hall, it has been possible to confirm the major issues of the community, confirm support from the majority of parishioners for a policy of identifying 3 “priority Sites”, 7 “Secondary Sites’ and 8 “Contingency Sites”. The latter being identified to provide replacements should any of the other sites not come to fruition over the life of the NP, which covers the period 2015 to 2035.

The NP being produced will contain 13 active sections covering all matters relative to the thrust of the document, which is “Site Allocation”. There is evidence of community views, supporting evidence for the site allocations and of significant importance policies, reflecting the community views, which the planners and developers will have respond to when submitting planning applications.

The next stage is to complete the first draft and carry out an initial consultation with the Wiltshire Spatial Planning Department. There may be a need to respond to their observation and make amendments to the NP. Subject to any necessary changes the NP will be formally submitted to Wiltshire Council for a statutory consultation that the authority has six weeks to complete. The initial consultation is projected to take place in April. Further updates and information will be available on the NP Website.

Full details are on the website You can sign up for newsletters or contact the Steering Group from the website.
Winterslow Parish Scene

The Lord Nelson.