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The Winterslow Health & Welfare Forum

Parish Councillors Mick Brown and Angela Sillence are responding to a Southern Area Board project to establish, at parish level, an active group who will look at issues relating specifically to elderly and disabled parishioners, their families and carers. This will have the working title of The Winterslow Health & Welfare Forum.

This group will be networking with other parish groups to identify best practice in terms of existing dedicated activity provision, and how to respond to specific needs were there is an identified shortfall. An example of the areas for consideration would be the provision of suitable activities in the parish and respite care.

The aim is to establish a group of volunteers to represent the widest spectrum of relevant parish organisations and groups as possible. An initial investigation would be the first step to establish the current situation and to identify a strategy to maximise the opportunities for parishioners in these groups, and their support, to be involved in their chosen activities. In tandem with this would be the associated opportunity for carers to take advantage of respite care and take the opportunity to take part, if they wished, in parish-based activities.

If you would like to help establish this group and work to enhance the support for our fellow parishioners please contact:

Mick 862842
Or The Parish Clerk

Also visit the Your Care Your Support Wiltshire section on Wiltshire County Council's website:
The Mobile Library Service

The mobile visits Winterslow, Village Hall, 1.30 – 1.45pm every two weeks.

Copies of timetable are available from the mobile libraries and can be viewed on The Wiltshire Council webpage These are currently in pdf format. Please refer to South Mobile Library Routes February 2018. (Routes B and L).
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